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Pandelani Muthuphei
Pandelani Muthuphei

Pandelani Muthuphei

Clinical PsychologistBA (Wits) MA Clinical Psychology (Wits)

I am a clinical psychologist based in Three Rivers in the Vaal area as well as Westdene, Johannesburg. I enjoy working with diverse people across the lifespan. My special interest is in self-actualization. I work with a variety of mental illness and psychosocial stressors. I also work with people who are interested in self-exploration.

My passion for mental health started when I was very young, living 3km away from a psychiatric hospital. Initially it was about curiosity due to how stigmatized the hospital and the patients were around the community. Over time, the curiosity became more about trying to understand what mental illness is, what causes it as well as treatments. I then decided to pursue my studies in Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand, currently holding a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.

Due to my passion for mental health, I also have a podcast titled “Last Sunday Tea” which focuses on general things that we experience as people.

Therapy Services

I offer a variety of therapeutic services. My services start at 5 years of age. Therapeutic services include:

Individual therapy

Through this life journey, we go through different experiences. Some of these experiences can be very unpleasant and may result in us struggling to cope. These are one on one sessions whereby we unpack, explore or talk about what you as an individual are going through. The sessions are usually 50 minutes long.

Family therapy

At times, families go through challenging experiences that may result in a rift or disconnect within the family unit. Family therapy aids in rebuilding effective communication channels or working through the challenge/trauma the family is/was experiencing. Sessions are usually an hour long.

Couples' counseling

Romantic relationships are two (sometimes more) different people coming together to form a unit. At times, the differences can result in clashes within the unit or the unit can go through challenges. At these times, the unit may need an objective other or someone to assist them in resolving or coping with the challenges. Sessions are usually an hour.


Adolescence is a very critical stage of development that comes with its own challenges. At times, teenagers may experience other challenges that may result in this period becoming too stressful and may need assistance in navigating this critical period. Sessions are usually 50 minutes.

Play therapy

While adults may relate better through talk therapy, it is important to remember that a child may feel most themselves during play and through the interactions of play between them and others. Children communicate through play. Sessions are usually 45-50 minutes.

Group therapy

Although we are individuals, we are social beings and therefore we may relate better in supportive spaces whereby we share similar experiences/feel less alone. The group will have a maximum of 10 members. Sessions are usually an hour long.

Medico-Legal Assessments

Life gets in the way sometimes, we end up experiencing things we never thought we would. Such things result in significant distress or impact in our lives (physically and psychologically). Such things could be car accidents, work accidents or medical negligence. We offer RAF, other medico-legal assessments and related interventions.

Psychological & Neuro Assessments

We offer both Psychological and neuro assessments/evaluations to both adults and children. We also offer scholastic evaluations.

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