Pandelani Muthuphei

Pandelani Muthuphei

Clinical PsychologistBA (Wits) MA Clinical Psychology (Wits)

I am a clinical psychologist based in Three Rivers in the Vaal area as well as Westdene, Johannesburg. I enjoy working with diverse people across the lifespan. My special interest is in self-actualization. I work with a variety of mental illness and psychosocial stressors. I also work with people who are interested in self-exploration.

My passion for mental health started when I was very young, living 3km away from a psychiatric hospital. Initially it was about curiosity due to how stigmatized the hospital and the patients were around the community. Over time, the curiosity became more about trying to understand what mental illness is, what causes it as well as treatments. I then decided to pursue my studies in Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand, currently holding a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.

Due to my passion for mental health, I also have a podcast titled “Last Sunday Tea” which focuses on general things that we experience as people.


Yes I do offer reduced rates. We can discuss it.

Good question. Most people are candidates for therapy. Sometimes it's just about finding a therapist who's a good fit for you. How about you give it three sessions to see how it goes?

The length of therapy is dependent on multiple factors, for example, what you may be struggling with and how long it has been, financial standing, mental capacity and motivation.

Well, you are not forced to be in therapy, you can quit long as you discuss it with your therapist. With that said, therapy can be very difficult. Most times we get worse before getting better because we are facing most of the pain we have been through. It helps to unpack why you may want to quit before you quit because it could just be a coping mechanism and getting through it may lead to a breakthrough.

There will be times when you feel awkward, like there's nothing to say. That's okay. Silence is welcome in therapy and your mind will go where it wants to go. Sometimes it's really about relaxing, not over thinking and just talk about whatever pops in your mind.

Weekly attendance has been proven to strengthen the therapeutic relationship and therefore making therapy more efficient. But given life constraints, we can be flexible and find an arrangement that works for you.

We can include rates:
Cash paying patients for all services excluding groups = R950 to R1200 per session.
Medical aids = Medical aid rates.
Groups = R350pp for each session (only Cash paying)

You can cancel before 24 hours. If you fail to do so then you will be liable to pay for full session as a slot solely belongs to you.